Friday, April 3, 2015

A Touch of Pastel In Your Home

Can you believe it is April and Easter is in two days? neither! In Lou of Easter and all the pretty spring colors that seem to be floating around the stores and in mother nature, I have put together a few spaces that I have found that have just a touch of pastel. These spaces have just the right amount of that pail color.

When I think of pastel colors, I think of little baby rooms and/or Easter dresses. The spaces below feel a bit more sophisticated than that and I think you will agree.

source unknown

source unknown

What do you all think? Could you pull off a bit of pastel in your home? I think my favorite space would have to be that glam living room with the soft pink drapes. Now if I could convince my husband we need some pink in our home....

Have a wonderful holiday weekend! 

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Maternity Photos & Nursery Sneak Peek

We are surely counting down till the big day!  I wanted to make sure I captured this pregnancy in some way. I have really felt amazing and feel very blessed to be carrying two miracles inside of me. I can't wait to meet them and kiss their sweet faces.

Thanks to my amazing father, he was able to capture a few shots of my bump last week. I wanted to save money and splurge on a photographer when the babies arrive, but still wanted to make sure I documented this moment and journey. My dad is one talented guy!

We have also finished the nursery and I just need to edit the photos and then I can share the reveal with all of you. It really turned out quite adorable and I can't wait for our peanuts to occupy this space.

Here are just a couple of sneak peeks!

Sorry for the teaser! Hope to show you all this space next week.

Have an amazing Thursday friends! xoxo

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Our {Guest Room} Updates

Yep...I am still here and these babies are still kicking inside of me. 35 weeks today! Will be sharing some maternity photos tomorrow along with a couple of peeks of the nursery. We are hoping to meet these two sweet babes in less than 2 weeks. Crazy huh?

We have been in full "Get Stuff Done" mode and I have wanted to add a few new touches to our guest room since we will be having family and friends staying with us for a few weeks after the babes are born. I wanted to create a cozy spot for guests while they are here doing HUGE favors for us. Of course we had a very small budget since every penny has been going toward the babies necessities, but I think it turned out quite nice for very little money.

I kind of wish this was my room to be honest! I love all the natural light that streams in during the day. The coral and navy color scheme against all the neutrals in the room seem so relaxing and whisper "springtime".

The wrought Iron bed was my great grandparents and I can't get myself to paint it. I love the chippy worn look for sure. The duvet and cream shams were found a few years ago at HomeGoods. The rest of the sources are listed below:

*Wall Color- Ethereal Mood (SW 7639)
*Sconces- Lowe's
*Organic Coral Fan Sheets- Target
*Navy Pillows- WillaSkye Etsy
*Coral Lumbar- HomeGoods
*White Organic Blanket- Target
*Wood Shim Sunburst -DIY
*Left Side Table- HomeGoods
*Right Side Table- Pier One Years ago
*Tufted Bench/Ottoman- Target

Can you believe that the swing arm sconces were only $31.98 each? I have been wanting some industrial sconces for quite sometime, but I could never justify paying $100 or more. These sconces only come in bronze, so I did a quick little DIY and sprayed them with a rustoleum paint/primer in one and then did the second and third coats in my favorite Metallic Gold Spray Paint also from Rustoleum to get the exact brass color I was going for.

I am pretty darn excited about this little space for our guests! To see the before pics of this room, click Here. (It's come a long way!)

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Tuesday Treats #26 {Inspiration, Tips & Tricks from around the web}

Can you all believe I haven't done a Tuesday Treats post in 2015!? Well today you are going to get some great inspiration that I have been saving up for all of you.


1. 10 Questions to Ask before starting a Renovation
Are you planning on tackling some renovations around your home this year? Whether you are redoing your bathroom or kitchen, Courtney has shared some fabulous tips to consider!

Click Here for Tips

2. Ohio Cottage Home Tour
Since we are moving into Spring, I am craving a sweet cottage on a lake. I absolutely love the tour of this calming & relaxed Ohio Cottage...and you will too! 

Click Here to view Tour

3. Top 10 Decor Pieces you need by 30
What do you think about this list? Do you think all of these items should be in your home by the time you are 30?

4. Icelandic Inspired Nursery
I have been drawn to so many neutral nurseries since both of our babes will be sharing a space. But, I came across this stunning nursery designed by Dina and it is absolutely fabulous! I love that she added drama and color by wallpapering the ceiling!

Click Here for Full Reveal

5. Linen Closet Makeover
I am sure some of you are into Spring cleaning this time of year. With that comes a lot of organization. I just took about 3 loads of old sheets, towels and whatever else was hiding in our closets to Goodwill. It feels so great to purge...doesn't it? Well... take a look at Dear Lillie's Linen Closet Makeover. I have always said that keeping your towels neutral and adding baskets and bins will totally simplify life!

Full Source List Here

Okay friends...what inspiration have you been hiding from us? Anything I NEED to know about?

Have a wonderful day!

Monday, March 23, 2015

An Accent Wall with Wallpaper {Master Bedroom}

Hi All! We have been nesting away over here with just over three weeks till these babies make their arrival. So sorry that my posts have been few and far between. I am hoping to update you this week on a few changes going on around our home as well as finishing editing the nursery photos.

Today I am talking about wallpaper. Yes...most of us have been through the tearing and scraping of the dreaded 70's and 80's wallpaper days. I have always said that I would NEVER add wallpaper to my home after the demo in many of our flip homes. However, I have found some wonderful modern accent walls that have really change my mind lately....especially in the bedroom. 

I have been thinking of adding an accent wall to our own master bedroom. Nothing crazy, but something neutral that adds a bit of luxe and texture.

source unknown

source unknown

Aren't they all quite fabulous? What do you think about wallpaper? Have I changed your mind?

Need more bedroom inspiration? Check out my Pinterest Board!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

New Favorite App {Origrami}

Any of you out there have a problem with hoarding photos on your phone? too! In the good ole days you just took the film to the store to be developed into lovely pictures. Well now with all of this technology it seems as though I have less and less pictures around the house. I have really been trying to be conscious of saving the pictures at least to my external hard drive every month or so. I know that when these babies come I am going to want to savor all the precious moments and I don't want them to just stay on my phone forever.

Well a few weeks ago I found this App and decided to try it out. You don't have to necessarily use it as an App. You can upload pictures straight from dropbox or your computer.

I love the different sizes and the throwback retro look to the prints. You can customize them to your liking with different backside colors, add the date they were taken and a description as well.

How cute are these little magnets?

I was so excited to get my pictures in the mail. Oh...did I mention that they ship from Australia for FREE? It is a small company run by a husband and wife. I love supporting small businesses...don't you?

The pictures turned out amazing! They are printed on a thick cardstock with a matte finish. I believe you can choose what kind of finish you would like. I chose matte because I wanted to keep these pictures out on our coffee table for people to look through when they are visiting and I didn't want to worry about greasy fingers all over my pictures.

I ordered the 4x4 square prints with a plain white back. I would love to know if you all have tried this company or another when printing either Instagram pictures or pics from your phone.

Aren't they quite adorable? I am definitely going to order more.

Happy Hump Day All!

**This was not a sponsored post. I just wanted to share my excitement about a product I love with all of you! **

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

What's On Your....Kitchen Counter?

Last month 8 of us bloggers posted what was on our bathroom vanities. This month's post is all about our kitchen counters. I would love to share an amazing kitchen with all of you, but alas you will see the real deal through the pictures below. I did clean up a little for you because there are usually some dishes in the sink and mail on the bar. But you all get the idea...this is real life.

The kitchen is the heart of the it not? The place where meals are made, discussions are held, junk gets piled and messes are all around. I have a feeling that my semi-picked up kitchen will only stay this way for a short period of time. When these babies come it is going to be filled with bottles, burp clothes, wash clothes and the like. But I wouldn't want it any other way!

When we moved into this home 7 years ago, we were thinking it would be our home for 3-5 years. So I really haven't done much to the kitchen other than adding a back splash. I dream of granite counters and painted cabinets, but feel blessed just to have a functional and pretty large kitchen for now.

Everything has a place. You can always find some fruit in our white bowl, cutting boards leaning against the back splash and some ingredients by the stove.

The bar side of the kitchen usually has some mail and news papers piled as well as my semi-organized drop spot that I showed you all here. I always have a pad of paper with our ongoing grocery list so the hubs and I can write down items right away without forgetting what was needed later in the week.

And of course what would be a counter without a little coffee station. An antique tray that I found for $2.50 helps coral the grinder and keeps the mess off of the counter top.

I really try to have some flowers in the kitchen to make me happy. Doesn't always happen, but it was my new years resolution a couple of years ago and I find the kitchen much more cheery with some pretty flowers...even if they are from the clearance section at the grocery. My dish scrubber always has a place to rest, which I find helpful when trying to keep the sink clean from grime and water spots.

And that is the exciting world of my kitchen counters! HA! So I am thinking you all need to spill the beans on what your kitchen counters look like at the moment? Come on mama's out there....make me feel better by telling me how crazy my kitchen might look with the little twins here in just a short couple of months!

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Do you need some more kitchen inspiration? Check out my Kitchen Pinterest board Here!
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